Halcyon West Lesson & Training Rates

We offer a variety of options for the beginner rider to the seasoned competitor. Riders wishing to show at A shows are required to be in full training. Local horse shows are available to all riders up to a certain level – whether you own, lease or simply take lessons. Learn to ride on show quality horses and ponies, lease and ownership options are always available. Horses available for lessons are limited, please see the information below for all specifications.  

Full training


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This package caters to regularly competitive riders, and riders wanting to ensure their horses are cared for each day regardless of their attendance. Riders wishing to do A rated shows must be in full training. This is a full service package intended to provide the rider with full care (other than basic grooming duties) of his or her horse. Riders are able to customize a program that best suites their needs, availability and goals in the most productive manner. While care is provided, riders are still encouraged to be hands on with their horses care when possible.
The full training package includes:

  • Unlimited lessons or 6 services each week

  • Veterinary & Farrier scheduling and book keeping

  • Turnouts weekly when available

  • Show maintenance maintained as needed

  • Trunk Delivery to and from horse shows (Please read below for requirements)

  • Your horse is guaranteed care each day that you are unable to come out to the barn and have given 24 hour notice.

  • This is a full service package intended to provide the rider with full care of their horse (no grooming duties other than basic horse care)

This package may be adjusted depending on each horses individual needs throughout the week.

PLESE NOTE: Pre-show care is the client's responsibility. Your trunk WILL NOT be picked up and delivered if it has not been packed prior to shipping. Client is responsible for the option of bringing home or leaving their saddle during the show. Halcyon will not be responsible for the safety of your belongings. 

half training


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Riders who select this package must own their own horse and be competent enough to ride their horse throughout the week when they are not lessoning. Riders will receive 3 lessons each week and horses will receive 2 pro-rides per month with the option of substituting rides for lessons. Riders who select half training must be available to care for their horse during non lesson or pro-ride days. Horses are not permitted to remain in their stalls for a full day.

partial training


 partial training - $350.00

Partial training is often appreciated by riders who are too busy or unable to commit to full or half training. Client's horse must be taken out of their stall each day! If the client is unable to come out and needs assistance, please see our a la carte fees for turnout and riding prices, should you decide to order more. This package include 2 lessons a week.

Full Lease




This package is typically for the competitive show rider, it includes everything listed in the full training package for the horse and rider. Please note, this does NOT include the horses lease fee, this is the horse & riders training fee. Client is also responsible for the horses lease fee if applicable. Full leasing clients are also responsible for the same “Monthly grain & feeding service” fee as the full training clients. Apart from the lease fee, clients are also responsible for the typical horse fees (shoes, vet, etc…) Essentially a full lease allows you to have the all the benefits of owning a horse with the option and ability to move up as needed or purchase the horse after the lease has come to an end. Typical lease fees are set at 25% of the horses sale price, however this isn’t always applicable. A lease contract will be signed between the client and the horses owner, major medical and mortality insurance is highly suggested and often required to be carried by the client on behalf of the horse.




A half lease is the best option for the rider who someday would like to own but cannot at the moment, it is also a good situation for a rider who is interested in half leasing their horse out. The half lease includes 3 lessons a week which will enable the rider to be able to treat the horse as if it is their own on each lesson day. The number of lessons included in half training are intended to provide the rider with the ideal amount of time in the saddle each week, this will enable the rider to excel at an increased and productive pace, while not having to commit to the ownership of a horse. The client owned half lease fee is LOOSELY BASED on HALF of the horses fees. Riders may also have several additional hack days each month if the horses schedule permits . Riders who are half leasing are able to show as well as receive all of the benefits of the full training package. Half leasing is highly encouraged for riders who intend on showing and spending as much time at the barn is possible. For the younger riders, half leasing allows you to come to the barn as much as they would like, even during their non-lesson days.

The half lease fee is all inclusive and has no hidden or additional fees at the barn.
The owner of the horse is responsible for any typical vet maintenance such as vaccinations, teeth, etc... 


Lesson packages

Please note, we do not have "lesson horses" you will be lessoning on show quality horses. For lessons, our horsed have a 2'6 fence height limit. Riders are to consider moving up to a half or a full lease when jumping 2'6 and above. 



new rider package - $200.00

The new rider program is an introductory program for riders who have little to no experience in the saddle. Riders who have this amount of experience must complete this program before moving up to individual lessons. This program consists of 3 one hour lessons which will cover the basics of grooming, tacking up, lesson time in the saddle, as well as untacking and end of lesson horse care. Riders who participate in the new rider program are able to complete this program once before moving to individual lessons.

starter package - $450.00

The starter lesson package includes 2 lessons per week. Depending on rider's level of experience, riders may have the option to show at the trainers discretion. Riders intending on having the option to show at a wider range of shows as well as riders who would like to excel at a more productive pace are encouraged to move up to a half lease when a horse is available. Riders jumping 2’6 and above must move up to a half, full lease or ownership due to certain horse's limitations.

individual lessons - $60.00

Individual lessons are ideal for those who are learning the basics of riding and horse care as well as riders who are unable to commit to multiple days per week. These lessons are able to be scheduled throughout the month. Riders taking 1 lesson a week must move up to a minimum of the starter lesson package to be able to show at the trainers discretion. Riders jumping 2’6 and above must move up to a half or full lease.

trial lesson - $60.00

This lesson is available to potentially incoming clients. This enables the trainer to evaluate the riders ability. 

mobile Lesson - $60.00 - $90.00 (distance depending)

Many riders are unable to commute with their horses while living at home. This option is ideal for riders who wish to have lessons at their own location.